Modern Management 


Our vision is to provide technological as well as personal service to everyone we do business with.




Our mission is to provide professional, personal and efficient property management services for residential and commercial property owners.

The benefits to our clients are:

1.  Increase rental income resulting in higher profits for our clients investments by  placing quality tenants, reducing vacancy times and maintenance costs.

2.  Eliminating the hassles of being a landlord including tenant relations, by taking the responsibilities off of our clients hands.

3.  Improve the overall condition and quality of our clients properties and proactively negate liabilities.

4.  To always communicate and work with our clients on the best, most cost effective way to care for their buildings.

5.  To operate in an efficient, ethical, honest and professional manner.





Modern Management is committed to:

1.  A business ethic that includes integrity and honesty to our clients, tenants and everyone we have dealings with.

2.  Providing outstanding customer service to our clients and tenants alike.

3.  Excellent communications with our clients, vendors, tenants and all others we do business with.

4.  Working with our clients to find the best most creative way to make their property the most inviting, well maintained and filled with quality tenants.

5.  Making business decisions that follow our vision and mission statements as well as our company commitment.

6.  Personal and professional growth as well as the development of our company and its' employees.

7.  Reducing our carbon footprint by being paperless as much as possible.

8.  Open, positive and valuable communications with all whom we interact, including ourselves.

9.  To provide a fun, family oriented workplace, which translates into total commitment to our clients.